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Relaxed, anxiety free dentistry

Oral Anxiolysis

Prescribed medications to help you de-stress and relax completely during your treatment! Very safe and effective, most people don’t remember their appointment at all.

Laser dentistry

lasers have many uses in medicine and dentistry today, but perhaps the most valuable applications in the Dentist Henderson NV office are as an effective adjunct treatment for periodontal (gum) disease, blood and pain free minor surgical procedures, and thorough disinfection of compromised dental implants. Laser therapy has also been shown to greatly decrease the discomfort, pain, and duration of common viral cold sores.

All digital x-rays

including intraoral x-rays and Panoramic (around the whole head) x-rays. This allows for greater quality images for better diagnosis, and lower x-ray exposure for optimum health and safety over traditional x-rays.

Intraoral Cameras

We have these in every single patient operatory. These help us see more and help YOU see what we see. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. What better way to understand the oral conditions that are affecting your health than to see them in striking detail with your own two eyes? As an added benefit, intraoral photography helps YOU get the most benefit out of your dental insurance. As much as we may not like it, insurance companies often go to great lengths to deny legitimate claims, leaving you with a potentially large bill you weren’t prepared for. Intraoral photos help to decrease claim rejections, saving you time and money.

Rotary Endodontics and Ultrasonic Debridement

Root canals get a bad rep, and probably well earned over history. But with modern technology they are no longer the nightmare fuel many of us have been led to believe. Machine driven, rotary endodontics with precise speed and torque control, as well as modern root canal file designs help make canal access and shaping a safe, predictable, and efficient process. A special machine using ultrasonic waves then thoroughly removes debris and bacteria in the smallest of spaces inside your tooth for the highest levels of debridement and disinfection, increasing long term root canal treatment success, and reducing occurrence of post treatment pain.

Electric Handpieces

Number one complaint we hear about coming to the dentist? THE SHOTS! A very close number two? The sound of the drill. Guess what? We agree! That high pitched whine is just unpleasant. Electric motor driven handpieces solve this problem, removing high pitched air driven turbines from the mix. They also provide more consistent power delivery and control, which leads to more precise and efficient dentistry (less time in the chair for you).

Digital Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Aka CAT or CT scans. In simple terms, this is 3d x-ray vision. Our normal digital x-rays are two dimensional images. They are indispensable to proper dental diagnosis, but they have limitations. Those limitations are most evident when dealing with dental implants. Dental implants are titanium screws that are placed into your jaw bone. Your jaws, like the rest of you, exist in THREE dimensions. Appropriate surgical planning of the safe placement of a dental implant (as well as choosing an appropriately sized implant) requires seeing all three of those dimensions of your jaw. This also allows us to effectively locate important anatomy like nerves, vessels, and sinus spaces.

Dental Implants

the revolution of dental implants is rapidly becoming the standard of care for the replacement of missing teeth, or diseased and damaged teeth that need removal. High quality titanium alloys and advanced surface treatments of modern implants provide near universal compatibility with human jaw biology and physiology, leading to extremely high success rates of dental implant surgery. Permanently affixed within the jaw bone, dental implants provide a stable, durable, and comfortable foundation for a wide range of tooth restoration options, from single tooth crowns, to “snap in/snap out” dentures, to full mouth permanent/non-removable bridges.

Advanced Materials

At CrestView Dental, all fillings and crowns utilize the most modern, esthetic non-metal materials. No more “silver” or “amalgam” or “mercury” fillings, gold and silver crowns, or metal containing crowns at all! Advanced resins and ceramics (full porcelain, full zirconia, full translucent esthetic zirconia) offer unparalleled beauty and durability. Chipped and broken crowns, “dark lines” at the gums, “fake looking” teeth, and concerns about mercury toxicity are a thing of the past in our office. We use only the highest quality materials we would want in our own mouths.

Intraoral 3D Scanning

Accurate, efficient, and more comfortable than gooey impression material, intraoral scanning technology can yield more accurate and faster turn around times for crowns and clear orthodontic aligner treatment, as well as open the door to other incredible advances in dental treatment. From 3D printed restorations to micro-millimeter accurate tracking of tooth wear and more, intraoral scanning is the most cutting edge of advancements in oral health care.